Aromata De La Rose passionately believes In order to care for others like our family, our collegues or customers in business, we must first take care of ourselves.

Our philosophy is:
"No-one is more important that you."

Daily Self-care - a luxury everyone can afford

Aro’mata De La Rose specialise in the art of Self Care as a way of life that everyone can afford to enjoy. Our professional masterclasses have been formulated for everybody - from the complete beginner to professionals in the beauty industry - so that you will be confident to recreate your personal daily top to toe pamper treatments in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, Aromata natural body products, are exclusively created from ancient beauty formulas with you in mind to help in your daily Aromata De La Rose self-care treatments.

We live in a stressful society where people just do not take the time for themselves and this is the root of many of the 21st century lifestyle problems. Aromata De La Rose masterclasses realise that and aim in helping you to pamper yourself daily.

Our moto is: "I need to take responsibility for myself".

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